The Cost of Living

Earlier today, I was browsing a website advertising a teaching programme in Korea;  not that I’m planning an escape, but a friend of mine is out there right now working and I thought I’d look into it.

Turns out, living in Korea is a whole lot better tax-wise than life here in the UK!  An income tax rate of 3 – 5%?  Yes please!  Also, the cost of living is a lot lower, and companies seem to treat their employees better than companies in the UK.

Ever wondered why our income tax is so high?  According to some sources, our taxes are amongst the world’s highest rates, leaving us working for less pay than other countries in Europe and across the globe.

How do you feel about this? I know what I think of it, and frankly I hate having to give 20 – 25% of my salary to a government who doesn’t seem to have a clue how to spend it.  It’s a bit of a contentious subject for me, as I don’t see why our taxes should be so high when you consider what we get in return – struggles to find NHS dentists, difficulty booking doctors appointments and a government who make decisions without considering their people.

Today is definitely a day for ranting, and it’s the tax system that has come under fire – better that way than taking it out on the boy I suppose!

Goodnight evil tax-overlords.


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