Trying times

I’m just going to take a minute to have a rant. Now’s the time to cover your ears, bury your head in the sand or practice your best selective hearing, if you don’t want to listen.

Now I’m not and never will be a die-hard feminist. But do have a problem with the way single people – or anyone who wants to take part in activities or events solo – are treated in society.

Case in point – booking a ticket to see Lee Evans’ play at the Wyndham Theatre in September. There are only 3 seats left in the section I want to sIt in (seeing as I’m not really in the mood to pay £70 for a ticket), and a couple of friends have booked adjacent seats. So imagine my surprise when I find out you can’t book a single seat if it leaves one on its own next to you?! Why not? Are there no other single people or people going to the theatre alone? Would the theatre rather be left with 5 empty seats that nobody is going to book in pairs than risk letting a solo theatre goer book one? The whole experience has left me irritated. So irritated that I’ve come here to vent on my blog.

Of course, I’m not stupid; I know why they do it, it just annoys me that they do! Why shouldn’t I be able to book whatever seat I like? Why can’t I take a double room on holiday without having to pay a single supplement or be paired up with a stranger? Why is the world catering exclusively to couples when, quite frankly, I feel like its already tough enough for those of us going it alone?

Single life is hard ladies (and gentlemen), but its not without its little pleasures. Knowing that you’re doing exactly what you want to do and making your own decisions gives you a confidence that you can’t buy. Working towards your career and travel goals alone means you can focus on what you want and where you want to go in life.

Right now however, I just want to go to the theatre to see Lee Evans.


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