Finding New Work

It’s true that finding work as a freelance copywriter can  be difficult, but I’ve found a combination of research and being plain pushy can work quite well sometimes.  Today I found out an agency I work for has gone to the wall, which surprised me to be honest!  It leaves a gap in my work schedule, which luckily will be filled with plenty of other stuff, although I plan to take on work with another agency to fill the space.  For anyone wondering where to look for freelance copywriting work, here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

  • The freelance sites such as odesk are a great place to pick up some easy, usually fairly low-paid work, but don’t rely on them to pay your bills!
  • If you can work at speed, you might make some more money taking on a variety of low-paid quick copywriting jobs, but you’ll feel you’re compromising on quality
  • Sending an email with your portfolio around copywriting agencies is a great way to scout out any vacancies – you might be in luck
  • Approaching other freelancers such as graphic or web designers is another option – they may wish to offer your content writing services as an add-on to clients they’re designing a website for
  • Craigslist and Gumtree are always worth checking – sometimes you’ll find copy or content writing work in other countries; if they’re looking for a freelancer, they usually won’t care if you’re local or overseas

Hopefully this will help inspire anyone sitting around waiting for the work to come in to take some action!  I try to set aside at least an hour a week to search for extra work – one of the aspects of the job I love so much is the variety.  Some weeks I’ll feel like writing technology or video games pieces, so I’ll hunt down that type of work.  The next week it could be jewellery product descriptions or blog posts for a fashion retailer.  There’s always something different each week when you work as a freelance copywriter!


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