My favourite hotel to the Rescue!

I can’t remember the exact amount of times I’ve found myself without a place to stay in Paris – usually its when I’ve been too exhausted to move and started daydreaming of a comfy bed.

My favourite hotel in Clignancourt might not be the poshest hotel – in fact I think technically it’s a one star. However, I always feel very at home here and it’s my hotel of choice when I visit the city. The rooms are always clean, the beds are comfy and the shower has plenty of hot water.

Arriving in Paris at 4am without a place to stay, I’d emailed the hotel a couple of hours earlier and managed to secure the last room – nothing short of a miracle!  Of course, my boy had to come to the rescue with some cash as my bank account wasn’t prepared for the huge payment that was about to come out, but then he always seems to come to the rescue! There always seems to be a room here and it seems the perfect location for me – close to the 18th and yet not too far from the centre of the city and the inevitable tourist hot spots.

On this trip I enjoyed chatting to the night shift man on the front desk (I’m not sure if the term “receptionist” is offensive for a man!) about whether London or Paris was more beautiful – I thought Paris, whereas he insisted it was dirty and expensive.

There’s something in the air here though, it’s almost like a sort of happiness. Wherever I go, people are smiling. Hot chocolate tastes better here than anywhere in the world. I think if I could live on Coquelicot bakery’s croque Monsieur I probably would (shhh!)

It’s safe to say I love Paris, and even the narrowly averted disaster at the start of my trip couldn’t spoil the fun I’m having.


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