If introverts ruled the world

Introverts should rule the world. I’m not saying I’m not a social person, but I need a lot of alone time to recharge – and I mean completely alone; not with my phone going off and housemates knocking on my door – ALONE time! Usually after an evening or a few hours alone I’m ready to face the world again.

This is why I enjoy writing – I don’t mind working alone, and with the research I carry out for my articles online, facebook open in the background and my iPod playlist on the go, I never feel lonely.

I’m off to Paris in a few days, and staying with a group of people I don’t really know, which is making me feel apprehensive. Whilst I know it will be good for me to meet new people and that’s the whole point of the trip, part of me loves the idea of a quiet hotel room for one at the end of a day photographing the city.

Watch this space – I probably won’t be updating again until I’m back from the city of lights!


2 thoughts on “If introverts ruled the world

  1. Have fun in Paris! Jealous… Yeah I really get ya. I love my down time. Writing, listening to music, reading, walking… People are a necessity though. I need them to bring me back into reality at least twice a day or I would get lost inside my own world. When that happens I really notice it coz I start to feel down – like I should have gone out during the day even if it was just to the supermarket! Also, people are great. Not all of them, granted. But I have gotten better at knowing when it’s right to really make an effort with someone: eg. when they are really trying. It’s only fair to be generous in conversation with people like that. And that’s how I avoid being over-introverted.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment…sorry that’s its taken me 4 months to reply! Must be more on the ball when it comes to updating my blog 🙂

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