Insomniac’s Diary

I sometimes wonder if insomnia is a good or bad thing, and if it plagues most creative people.

I suffer from it a lot lately, combined with an inability to switch off; I think the two are inextricably linked. Some of my best writing happens during my insomniac nights. That would be my best creative work & not the bread and butter that earns me cash – the best time for that is early mornings; funny how my brain works sometimes.

It’s true that you shouldn’t communicate with others after 2am. Much of what you say (or text) will be nonsense, yet I can make perfectly coherent points in writing other places at this time of day.

I’d really like a vintage typewriter, like the one in the film “Ruby Sparks” that I just watched for the second time. I’m not sure how my neighbours would feel about me click-clacking across the keys at 1am on a school night though (they’ll always be school nights to me). I also doubt I possess the patience to change spools of ribbon. Might be best sticking to Microsoft Word or pen and paper….




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