Oh Saint Valentine, Please Go Away

Legend tells that St Valentine was imprisoned and executed for performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. One has to wonder, was he a hopeless romantic or did he have some other, darker motive?

Whatever his reasons, the candy covered, sickly sweetness that Valentine’s Day has become across the world leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Now before you accuse me of having not a single romantic bone in my body, think again.

I’m the girl who grew up on a steady diet of Labryinth and Cinderella. I watched Sleepless in Seattle on repeat for a year. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is my go-to feel good film. I’m a hopeless romantic.


I just don’t want all “this”. Hearts and flowers and a big teddy bear that says “I wuv you.” I mean, really?!

Of course, I could just be bitter and jaded because my “boyfriend” is going out clubbing in Camden for Valentine’s weekend, rather than taking me for a ludicrously romantic dinner…. But that’s not what I expect anyway! It would just be nice to not have a day in the year which is specifically designed to make single people, or those who don’t live with their other half, feel alone.

On a daily basis so many things are geared for couples or families. From council tax bills to expensive London rent and easy-cook supermarket meals “for two.” If you’re not shacked up and planning babies by the time you reach 30 then clearly, something must be wrong with you..

Now, much as my boyfriend thinks I’m forever needling him to live together, part of me likes my independence. Ring able to wear mismatched socks and a big towelling robe to slump in front of the telly. Eating pot noodle or apple crumble for dinner and nobody questioning it… There are bits of single life that I love! Other bits, like struggling to find a decent one bed flat in London that isn’t ridiculously over budget for someone on an average salary, I hate…

So, to sum up, I don’t think we need another day for couples. Another day that tells us two is the only number to be, and that you, by yourself aren’t complete or enough. I think we need a day to celebrate being you and being independent! Because it can be really tough, but really rewarding….



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