Drama Queen

A productive day writing a variety of articles today… From payday loans to silver plated tableware and the problems with primary school literacy in the UK. I do love a bit of variety, and after taking yesterday off to spend the whole day with my boy, I came back to writing refreshed and feeling motivated!

It’s so important to schedule time off, but all too easy to be caught up in the flow of work when you’re self employed. Sometimes I have to force myself to switch off the computer and stay away from my emails for a few hours, and the best way to do that is to get out of the house and go spend some time with loved ones; after all, they’re the most important thing in life!

It’s been a much more positive week than I initially expected… A rocky start has smoothed out and I’m learning that sometimes I create the dramas myself; it’s almost like I need them to survive. I think minimising them and channeling that energy into creativity is just the ticket to a happier existence 🙂

Have a good weekend everybody!



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