The life of a freelance writer

I love working as a freelance content and copywriter. Some mornings it’s hard to get motivated, especially after a late night. But it’s great knowing you can take a later start and work into the evening, squeezing in coffee with friends during a quiet spell.

Busy days spent at my computer are the norm right now, and watching the snow come down outside makes me very grateful I don’t have a long commute ahead. Once I start writing I’m lost in my work almost instantly, my only distraction occasional breaks for a cup of tea or the purring of my cat as she tries to get my attention.

Working with a few clients suits me right now – having a variety of work means every day is different, and the opportunity to use my imagination thinking up article ideas is something I really love.

Perhaps the thing I enjoy most is being able to work from anywhere. Taking my netbook with me means anywhere is my office, from the cosy, book filled upper floor of the library, to my favourite cafe, my desk at home or even the train en route to visit friends.

I love what I do 🙂


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